Smart Thermostat Test

 “What is the best smart thermostat?” is a question we hear all the time.

Everywhere we turn nowadays, it seems there’s a new product making the rounds claiming to make our lives easier by using our smart phones, computers, and tablets to control any number of devices from anywhere in the world. The same is true for our home comfort system’s thermostats. New products and new manufacturers are coming to market every day claiming to offer the latest and greatest, must-have features to monitor and adjust the temperature in our homes, keeping them cozy and comfortable in all types of weather.

So…What IS The Best Smart Thermostat?

Let’s look at a little chronology on the product offerings and thoughts on several of them.

The Ecobee Thermostat

One of the earlier manufacturer offerings in this space was the Ecobee thermostat. This original version shares many similarities with their current EMS series of thermostats used in mostly commercial applications. It was a full-featured unit, required some knowledge to set up and program, and also required a rather significant investment. We moved a few out into the market, but to be quite honest, the price point and programming requirements kept it from ever gaining traction with most homeowners and consumers.

The Honeywell Thermostat

Our next experience came in the form of Honeywell products. Honeywell is probably the most recognized name in thermostats and has been that way for many years. The standard response in the industry is…”if anyone can do it, Honeywell can”. With the introduction of RedLINK technology, Honeywell solved nearly every problem related to the use of smart thermostats and we cannot find any fault with their performance. By providing its own g