Summer Thermostat Settings

Ah, summer! No matter who you are, there’s plenty to love about the balmy months of summer. It’s a time for friends, food, and fun, a season that calls to mind sandy beaches, road trips, ice-cold lemonade. But those same long, hot days that make for good fun in the sun can make you wish for fall when the energy bill comes. So, what temperature should you set your thermostat in the summer, anyway? Don’t let the heat put a hurt on your wallet – check out our tips for keeping your home air conditioning cool, comfortable, and cost-efficient all season long.

Choose the right temperature

To keep your home running at its most efficient in the warmer months, the US Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat set to a temperature of 78 degrees F. For the majority of Americans who are accustomed to colder indoor air, a temperature such as this may be somewhat uncomfortable to maintain. One possible solution may be to adjust your thermostat throughout the day as needed to reduce the overall burden on your system. When leaving your home empty for more than an hour or two, raise the temperature on your ther