Programmable Thermostat Features

With the many ongoing and sophisticated advancements emerging for in-home technology, the benefits of programmable thermostats are many, including peace of mind, comfort the way you want it, and saving money to name a few! Our Northern Heating and Air HVAC services in Queensbury, Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs and Lake George region are reaping the benefits of working with a company who can provide furnace and a/c installation, maintenance, and repair for any residential or commercial location, including highly reliable programmable thermostats.

7 benefits programmable thermostats provide for home and business:

1.  Save Money

Saving money may be the reason most people make the switch to a programmable thermostat. Who doesn’t want to reduce energy usage? With a programmable thermostat, you adjust the temperature to your personal comfort level for different activities. Instead of your heat or air remaining at the same level while you are away, you can pre-set it to a warmer or cooler setting while you are gone. You can create a heating and cooling schedule according to your family’s routine. This means saving more on energy bills.

2.  Zoned Climate Control

Zoning allows you to manage temperatures in different areas of the home. Various regions of larger homes, in particular, are not often evenly comfortable. Zoning is beneficial for homes with two levels, livable basements, high ceilings, or areas that are not used frequently. A programmable thermostat and a zoning system allow settings for each zone based on the occupancy patterns. It gives you control over each zone so you’re not heating or cooling areas in your home where you don’t spend as much time.

3.  Optimizing the HVAC System

Installing a new HVAC system can be the perfect time to install a programmable thermostat, but you can also get them to work with your present unit. Since it is more efficient, it may help the HVAC do its job more easily. Whether your are installing a new high-efficiency heating system, or working with a current system, Northern Heating and Air can provide assistance wit